Welcome to Del Hayes Press

Welcome to Del Hayes Press

Welcome to Del Hayes Press

Although started as a self-publishing source for my own books, other authors approached me to publish their books and I have done so.

You can get more detail about all the books in my current stable by visiting the Books section of this website.

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Welcome to Del Hayes Press

Caroline Chauvel Plan Cul

Annonce : Fille célibataire désire plan cul pour aujourd’ hui , plan cul paris je peux vous recevoir discrètement chez moi pour s’ envoyer en l’ air. Annonce : Femme seule cherche grosse bite cette nuit, je peux me déplacer chez vous pour me faire l amour longtemps. D’une grossesse à ce que j’ai vous …

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To Publish or Not to Publish

Back in the 50’s, Chevrolet launched a TV ad campaign based on the slogan, “See the USA in your Chevrolet” (it was, as usual then, sung to a catchy tune that became branded on our brains). Well, I haven’t had a Chevy in many a moon. But these past eighteen months, or so, I have …

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Brighten the Corner

A quick perusal of the dates of my previous posts will show that quite some time has passed since my last one, and some explanation is in order. I’m too new to the Blogosphere to know its protocols, as to what is appropriate and what is not. This post is going to be quite personal. …

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Why Am I a Writer? (Part Deux)

So, why am I a writer? In introducing this question in my previous post, I made two points: (1) by “Writer,” we usually mean someone who writes books for the purpose of getting published, and (2) although that is certainly true for me the over-riding reason why I write is that I simply enjoy writing—very …

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Why Am I a Writer? (Part 1)

Why am I a writer? Interesting question, that. Probably a little like asking why I went into engineering, or am obsessed with flying and airplanes. George Orwell, author of  1984, his disturbing look into the future that has become a disturbing assessment of the present, said he knew by the age of five that he …

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Missing Mrs. Miniver

 I miss Mrs. Miniver. She was much older than I. In truth, I didn’t come to know how much I missed her until many years after her passing. Mrs. Miniver was the movie, released in 1942, that won the Academy Award for Greer Garson, who played the title role. I was six years old when …

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Marriage—the payoff

In my previous post I mentioned the Amtrak trip Colleen and I took to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary. Shortly after our return, our son, Clint, posted a picture on Facebook with the caption “What 55 years of marriage looks like.” I’ve inserted it here, so you can see what he posted. We were taking …

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I’ve been trained

It was a dark and stormy night. No, I’m serious. It really was a dark and stormy night. Not an auspicious beginning to what we hoped would be a memorable trip. My wife, Colleen, and I had finally agreed that for our 55th wedding anniversary we would celebrate with an extended Amtrak train trip. We …

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We have liftoff!

For those of us who got to experience the launches of the Apollo moon missions, those three words, “We have liftoff,” are burned in our memories. As the launch controller counted down the final few seconds we could scarcely breathe, filled with anticipation, excitement and yes, fear of what the next few moments would unveil. …

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Welcome aboard

My thanks to my DIL, Carole, for getting this blog set up and ready for me. It’s a goal I’ve had for some time but one which kept getting shoved down the “gotta do right now” list. The primary focus will be to share my embryonic experiences of writing and self-publishing. It’s a brave new …

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Welcome to Del Hayes Press

Welcome to Del Hayes Press


Welcome to Del Hayes Press

Ad Astra

Purchase on Amazon Ad Astra It’s summer, 1940. America struggles to survive a devastating depression, and fears being pulled into the war engulfing Europe. Young Gene Stoddard is desperate, torn between his dream of becoming an airline pilot and his reality that the Depression has made that dream impossible. But on a broiling August Sunday, …

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For All The Wrong Reasons

Purchase on Amazon For All The Wrong Reasons For All The Wrong Reasons is the moving story of the life of a Latino man struggling to make it in a white man’s world. With humor and candor, Dan Benavidez takes the reader on a journey rich in Mexican culture and fraught with discrimination and hardship, …

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Grace Will Lead Me Home

Purchase on Amazon grace will lead me home the Albert Cheng Story   April 17, 1975.  A meek, mild-mannered young man huddles in the dark, terrified by the constant whump of rockets exploding, and the chatter of machine guns. As morning dawns, all is silent. Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, has fallen to the Khmer …

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Happily Ever After

Purchase on Amazon Happily Ever After: A Tribute to Marriage From a Fifty-Year Veteran Happily Ever After: A Tribute to Marriage From a Fifty-Year Veteran promotes marriage as the most rewarding and beneficial decision a couple can make for themselves. More a “Why-to” book than a “How-to” book, the author uses personal experiences from his fifty-plus …

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Taking Restorative Justice to Schools

Purchase on Amazon Taking Restorative Justice to Schools In the wake of more than a decade of disturbing headlines ranging from bullying to school massacres, author Jeannette Holtham now dedicates her time to teaching schools how to improve their school culture and reach our youth before their behaviors get out of control or turn to …

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Teaching Peace: A Restorative Justice Framework

Purchase on Amazon Teaching Peace: A Restorative Justice Framework for Strengthening Relationships   Teaching Peace introduces restorative justice with the story of how one community embraced this ancient practice and used it to transform their approach to justice – and found a framework for living rich and meaningful lives. By using restorative principles in daily …

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The Old Man

Purchase on Amazon The Old Man He sits alone in the aging tavern, haggard, despondent, blind to the nervous glances of the patrons who drift in from the unpleasant night. Who is he, this stranger in their midst? Why is he there? Speculation swirls, whispers of sea battles, promises to a dying shipmate, but only …

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What Good Are Dads, Anyway?

Purchase on Amazon What Good Are Dads, Anyway? Long troubled by the diminishing importance society places on fathers, author Hayes addresses his concerns using pictures of five generations of kids, dads and granddads from his family photo albums. Whether taken by an old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye,or by a modern digital,all the pictures show the real …

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