Welcome aboard

My thanks to my DIL, Carole, for getting this blog set up and ready for me. It’s a goal I’ve had for some time but one which kept getting shoved down the “gotta do right now” list.

The primary focus will be to share my embryonic experiences of writing and self-publishing. It’s a brave new world out there for those of us who get warm fuzzies from seeing our name on the front of a book–even if that “book” is a multi-meg download to a pint-size computer.

But, I’m a generous sort and am quite willing to share my thoughts on any topic du jour, so this will likely scatter shoot a bit. I’ve an “inaugural post” forthcoming, so will wrap this up with a thank you to any and all who happen by.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome aboard”

    1. Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot, especially from someone who’s been doing an especially neat one for quite some time, now. Now that the chocks have been pulled, I’m looking forward to getting rolling.

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