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Thanks for visiting Del Hayes Press. Although started as a self-publishing source for my own books, other authors approached me to publish their books and I have done so. You can get more detail about all the books in my current stable by visiting the Books section of this website. Ordering a copy is easy with the "Buy this Book" button on each page. Enjoy your visit.

We have liftoff!

For those of us who got to experience the launches of the Apollo moon missions, those three words, “We have liftoff,” are burned in our memories. As the launch controller counted down the final few seconds we could scarcely breathe, filled with anticipation, excitement and yes, fear of what the next few moments would unveil. …

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Welcome aboard

My thanks to my DIL, Carole, for getting this blog set up and ready for me. It’s a goal I’ve had for some time but one which kept getting shoved down the “gotta do right now” list. The primary focus will be to share my embryonic experiences of writing and self-publishing. It’s a brave new …

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