Beverly Title

Beverly B. Title, Ph.D. (1945 – 2014) was a public school educator for 21 years. In 1994 Dr. Title and Lana Leonard co-founded Teaching Peace, now known as the Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP). This nonprofit agency partners with police, courts and schools to deliver restorative justice services. Even after stepping down from the Executive Director role, she continued to consult with and train at LCJP and volunteered with the RATES (restorative alternative to expulsion and suspension) Program.

Beverly then co-founded ReSolutionaries, Inc. with Kappy Hall. Together they developed a simple yet powerful framework that, when applied, helps individuals prevent, resolve, and transform any sort of conflict. This straightforward and effective system is used throughout schools in Colorado. ReSolutionaries, Inc. continues on in Beverly’s memory and is expanding to offer the same powerful tools to parents, teachers, and organizations.

Dr. Title presented on restorative justice and provided training in the U.S., Europe and South America, and received numerous recognitions throughout her career. She was especially proud of her 2001 Virginia Mackey Award for Leadership in Restorative Justice that was bestowed by the Colorado Forum on Community Restorative Justice.

In 2007 the Colorado legislature created a Restorative Justice Council and Beverly Title was an original appointee.