Jeannette Holtham

When Howard Zehr's book Changing Lenses fell into her lap from a library bookshelf more than a decade ago--literally, as if by some Divine orchestration--Jeannette Holtham's life changed. The restorative justice concept illustrated by Zehr really resonated for her as she considered the humanity of getting juvenile offenders to be accountable for their actions, face those they'd harmed and empowering them to repair the harm. But before she could take action on what she'd learned, Jeannette underwent a near-death, life-altering experience during surgery.

Twelve weeks after her recovery, she went skydiving, her daring message to God and the Universe that she would use her second chance to live to help youth, particularly those dealing with high-risk factors. In 2005 she launched Youth Transformation Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring youth to leave risky behaviors behind, invent a compelling big dream for their lives and reach for their full potential.

Jeannette's book Taking Restorative Justice to Schools: A Doorway to Discipline (Del Hayes Press, 2009) is now available online at, and is selling around the world in countries like Pakistan, India, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Georgia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Peru, Malta, and the U.S. It is currently being used as a textbook by professors at Ohio State University, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Eastern Mennonite University, New York University and the University of Chicago. The book has been praised by internationally renowned restorative justice pioneers and authors Dr. Howard Zehr, Dr. Gordon Bazemore, and Kay Pranis.