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Colorado Springs school district awarded $65k grant to train students and teachers in restorative justice

Jeannette Holtham, author of Restorative Justice, A Doorway to Discipline announced recently the receipt of a $65,000 grant to provide training to Colorado Springs District 11 schools in the Restorative Justice program. Author Holtham was interviewed recently by KOAA-TV on the program. As stated in the interview,

“District 11 is taking a different approach when it comes to discipline in some of its schools, with the help of a $65,000 grant for teacher and student training. It’s called restorative justice, and instead of expelling students or putting them in in school suspension, this approach focuses on “making it right” by communicating through a conflict or wrong doing and taking responsibility for one’s actions.
“It really gets them to take responsibility for their behaviors and their actions and gives them an opportunity to face the people that they’ve harmed and repair that harm,” said Jeanette Holtham, President of Youth Transformation Center in Colorado Springs.
The Youth Transformation Center is a non-profit organization that specializes in the restorative justice training for schools and community workshops. They’ve already got the program in several schools and districts, and the movement is growing.”

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