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Who are the only Air Force recipients in World War II to have been awarded the Medal of Honor for actions on the ground?

Who was the first enlisted Air Force Medal of Honor recipient?

Who was the only active-duty Air Force Medal of Honor recipient to achieve the rank of four-star general?

Which Air Force Medal of Honor recipient co-invented a pump that made the heart-lung machine possible? 

Which Medal of Honor recipient stowed away on a combat mission to Germany, after being awarded the Medal, and ended up a POW?

What Medal of Honor recipient was descended from both Alexander Hamilton and financier J.P. Morgan?

Find the answers, and so much more, in our upcoming

Bravest of the Brave

Vol. 1  (1918-1943)

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Judging from the account relating to me, I believe that these tales have captured the true spirit of their personalities and has described events with complete candor and accuracy…

This list is so complete that I learned for the first time of an award to my unit to which I also was entitled but never received and never wore. I hope that reading this series will give the reader the same pleasure that it has brought to me.

Lt Col Jay Zeamer Jr.

Medal of Honor recipient

Since 1918, sixty-two members of the United States Air Force have been awarded our nation’s highest award for valor, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Some of them became household names—Lindbergh, Doolittle, Rickenbacker.  Most, of course, never did—their supreme acts of selfless bravery lost to newspaper archives and dusty bookshelves.  Now in the 21st century, incredibly, even legends like the above are in danger of the same fate.

A meticulous Storyteller and researcher –

Though not the first to document Air Force Medal of Honor recipients, Joe Bowman is surely the first to undertake the exhaustive research necessary to tell the individual stories of each man whose wartime performance achieved that level of recognition.

…[A] remarkably detailed history of my father, his career and how the events of 5 January 1943 would cause him to be recommended for the Medal Honor.

Douglas Walker

Son of Medal of Honor recipient Brig Gen Kenneth Walker

Del Hayes Press is beyond proud to help reverse that trend by publishing MSgt (ret) Joseph P. Bowman's amazing Bravest of the Brave series, a three-volume set of biographies of all sixty-two U.S. Air Force Medal or Honor recipients.

We’re thrilled to announce that Volume I, covering the years 1918-1943, is nearing publication.

I remain in awe of [Mr. Bowman’s] diligent attention to detail in bringing forward such an amazing compilation of activities, some of which my own mother was not aware of.

Nicholas Craw

Son of Medal of Honor recipient Col. Demas T. Craw


30 Years of Research

Personal interviews with the recipients themselves, fellow crew, squadron members, and families

Scores of primary and secondary sources

Unprecedented, up-to-date archival research

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Chronological by Medal of Honor Action

Dual recipients, like Bleckley and Goettler or Zeamer and Sarnoski, or all five Ploesti raid recipients, are grouped together.  Men whose lives were tied together by action are tied together in print as well.


All awards & decorations, with supporting citations

Not content to merely tell their stories, Joe provides a list of all medals and decorations—including the citation for each—awarded to every recipient.  Add the hundreds of endnotes, and you have a reference for aviation and military historians and scholars alike.


For fundraising and promotion, we've put together an interior sample showing representative elements of Volume I, including the entire chapter on Bleckley & Goettler to illustrate Joe's approach to his subjects.  You can see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

(Some elements could change before printing.)

This is one for the ages.

Brian T.

Former B-17 mechanic and warbird enthusiast

We couldn't agree more.  Joe’s work is an historic achievement, likely never to be duplicated, that will serve as a cornerstone to any military aviation enthusiast's bookshelf.

That demands a presentation worthy of the subject matter.  That means cover art by the incomparable Piotr Forkasiewicz, one of the top aviation artists in the world, and an eye-grabbing cover design that doesn't sacrifice Piotr's art.

It means a visually interesting but respectful interior design featuring scores of photographs, many never seen before.

It means a big 8.5 x 11 format on premium paper with premium color, either in paperback or, for those who want it, a blue cloth hardcover with silver metal embossing, a glossy dustjacket, printed on 80# gloss paper.


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